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Gruppenfoto mit Volker Wissing beim International E-Fuels Dialogue 2024

Source: BMDV/Deckbar

The Federal Minister for Digital and Transport, Dr Volker Wissing, the Lithuanian Minister of Transport and Communications, Marius Skuodis, and the Japanese Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, Taku Ishii, today signed the ‘Berlin Declaration’ on the market ramp-up of e-fuels. The agreement was concluded during the 2024 International E-Fuels Dialogue in Berlin, which the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport co-hosted with the Lithuanian Ministry of Transport and Communications and the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Federal Minister Dr Volker Wissing:

Besides battery-electric drivetrains and hydrogen, e-fuels are an important option for the climate-friendly transport of the future – by air, waterway as well as by road. In the Berlin Declaration, we are committing to a technology-neutral approach and recognizing the importance of e-fuels. It is imperative, however, that we use renewables efficiently. Moreover, we are emphasizing our intent to openly exchange knowledge and experience. We want to promote research and development as well as the establishment of production facilities. To this end, we plan to incentivize private investments. We will continue to drive the renewables rollout. And we are working towards internationally uniform standards and rules. One thing is clear: We will only be able to decarbonize transport if we all work towards this goal together.

Marius Skuodis, Minister of Transport and Communications of Lithuania:

Every effort to contribute to climate neutrality is important and no technology should be excluded. E-fuels are a necessary step towards decarbonizing industry and transport. Lithuania has a lot of potential for renewable energies and can produce hydrogen and related synthetic fuels. It is conveniently located in the northeast of Europe, close to the most important industrial centres. Our signing of the Berlin Declaration today will hopefully give our cooperation in the development of e-fuels an even stronger boost.

Taku Ishii, Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan:

The concept of the ‘triple breakthrough’ – the simultaneous realization of decarbonization, economic growth and energy security – plays a key role in achieving a carbon-neutral society. In this context, e-fuels can make a major contribution. They not only avoid emissions, but, owing to their transport and storage capability, also allow the potential of renewable energies to be tapped worldwide, including in the Global South. This will both open up new business areas and increase the resilience of energy systems. Japan welcomes the Berlin Declaration, which takes account of all these aspects. It will help to further promote e-fuels across all modes of transport – including in aviation and maritime shipping – by enhancing cooperation through the International E-Fuels Dialogue.

The Berlin Declaration can be viewed at

The International E-Fuels Dialogue is an initiative launched by Federal Minister Dr Volker Wissing in Munich in September 2023. The next E-Fuels Dialogue will be held in Tangier, Morocco in the summer of 2025.