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Visualisierung einer Vernetzung von Fahrzeugen auf einer Autobahn

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The Ministry is working with the business sector, civil society and the scientific community to develop a Mobility Data Act that is to be adopted in 2024. The consultation procedure, which started today with a kick-off event, is intended to provide transparent opportunities to participate in and inform the legislation process.

Volker Wissing, Federal Minister for Digital and Transport:

Data is the basis of our digital progress. Mobility data, for instance, helps local authorities to improve local public transport services. It also helps commuters to find the best modal mix for their commute from home to work simply via app. In our Digital Strategy, we agreed to improve data availability and the frequency of data provision. That is why, we are now starting a consultation procedure for the Mobility Data Act. In this context, we are talking to companies, civil society and research about how we can incentivize secure data sharing and what challenges have to be overcome to do so. I am looking forward to cooperating with all stakeholders to make our mobility modern, digital and climate-friendly.

Around 75 representatives of public- and private-sector transport and mobility companies, research establishments, civil society and the federal states participated in the hybrid event held at the Ministry. In the weeks to come, workshops will be organized on the individual topics with different stakeholder groups. In these workshops, aspects such as data availability, data quality and rules on data use are to be discussed and fleshed out. The first workshop will take place on 8 November 2022 with mobility platforms, among other things. In total, 6 expert workshops are planned. The objective is to share views and ideas on the needs and challenges of the stakeholders and to consider them when drafting the key points for a Mobility Data Act.

Based on the outcomes of the stakeholder consultation procedure, key points for a Mobility Data Act will be evolved. The process to develop the act will take legal acts that are expected at European level concerning mobility data and the outcomes of the Data Act into consideration. First key points are to be available in spring 2023. The departmental draft Mobility Data Act will undergo interdepartmental coordination by the end of 2023 to make sure the bill can be adopted in 2024.