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Luftaufnahme eines Rastplatzes an einer Autobahn

Source: Adobe Stock / zlatoust198323

With financial assistance from the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport’s programme for additional HGV parking spaces, 151 new HGV parking spaces were opened to traffic today on the A9 motorway near Schkeuditz in the federal state of Saxony.

Oliver Luksic, Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister for Digital and Transport:

We are tackling the problem of stranded HGV drivers and parking HGVs blocking entry slip roads. To do so, we are helping operators make HGV parking spaces available exactly where they are needed. The construction of 151 new parking spaces here near Schkeuditz has been the largest project implemented so far with funds from our programme. The Federal Government is bearing most of the project costs amounting to 1.9 million euros. In the period up to 2024, we will make a total of 90 million euros available for this purpose from our financial assistance programme and are relying on successful collaborative partnerships.

In 2021, the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport launched the “Programme to promote private investment in creating additional HGV parking spaces near motorway junctions”. The aim of the programme is to create additional HGV parking spaces at a distance of up to 3 kilometres from motorway junctions. Funding is provided for the construction of new HGV parking areas and the expansion of existing ones as well as for the conversion of existing areas which have so far not been used for HGV parking (e.g. depots of freight forwarders).

The Federal Office for Goods Transport, as the competent authority, has already issued notices of funding for a total of 15 projects with over 700 new parking spaces. Applications can still be submitted.

Further information on the funding guidelines can be found here and here (in German).