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As announced at the HyLand Symposium in May of this year, the HyPerformer category of the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport’s HyLand competition has gone into a second round, too. The relevant competition documents can be accessed as of today. HyPerformer aims to establish a regional hydrogen economy by supporting the implementation of integrated strategies with a focus on the mobility sector. Funding totalling 45 million euros is available for procurement along the entire value chain.

Federal Minister Dr Volker Wissing: “With hydrogen technology we have a chance to rethink mobility. The HyPerformer regions are proof of what can already be done with hydrogen today. These lighthouse projects allow us to experience the entire value chain, from production all the way to the vehicle. Future transport projects, both national and international, will benefit from experience gained there.”

“HyLand – Hydrogen regions in Germany” is a competition launched by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport in 2019 and going into a second round now. HyLand motivates stakeholders in all regions of Germany to launch, plan and implement hydrogen-related strategies. The objective of the competition is to identify and promote the most innovative and promising regional strategies. In the first round of the HyLand programme, 25 regions in the three categories “HyStarter”, HyExperts” and “HyPerformer” received support for establishing a hydrogen economy. In the second round, another 30 projects were selected as HyStarters and HyExperts.

For more information on the call for applications for funding please go to (German only):