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    Digital event (via Zoom)

Rapid urbanisation across the world is escalating the demand for transport infrastructure not only within cities, but also between them. At the same time the demand for freight services is increasing and also requires improved transport infrastructure. In addition to new infrastructure, in many countries, existing infrastructure needs to be upgraded to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and construction/maintenance costs as well as to improve reliability. Digital technologies are crucial for transforming transport infrastructure in a sustainable way. Building information modeling (BIM) based methods and digital twins can facilitate the life cycle sustainability assessment of transport infrastructure.

During the sixth mFUND workshop new developments and experiences in the implementation of digital technologies for improved transport infrastructure will be presented by speakers from different innovation projects. Speakers and participants will be invited to exchange ideas and to network. Moreover, next steps to support the deployment of BIM in Europe with a focus on standardisation will be discussed.

We welcome informed contributions to the discussion.

We look forward to your participation!

To register, please send an email with the subject "EU Knowledge Exchange – workshop 6" to mFUND@bmdv.bund.de.

You will receive a link to a virtual meeting room shortly before the event.

About the online mFUND-Workshop series “Data Innovations for Smart Mobility in Europe”

Data has become an important driver in all areas of our modern society and its importance is increasing every day. Data is the basis for most digital innovations. It offers enormous potential for new business models and products.

In the transport sector, digital technologies and data are used on a large scale to increase the efficiency, reliability and safety of services and infrastructure. At the same time, data-based solutions contribute to reducing the use of resources and to tackling climate change. Citizens can greatly benefit from data-based solutions, which can enable seamless multimodal traffic, increase safety and improve the mobility experience in many different settings.

With the virtual conference “Open Data for Smart Mobility in Europe”, held under the auspices of the German EU Council Presidency on 17 November 2020, the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (formerly the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure) has initiated a European dialogue on examples of data innovations in the mobility field across Europe.

To continue this knowledge exchange and to facilitate new partnerships between European projects and actors, the BMDV mFUND programme has established a new online workshop series on “Data Innovations for Smart Mobility”. Six events on different transportation topics will have been held by the end of January 2022.