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    icon-event 15.11.202310:00 o'clock

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The 6th workshop in the series will focus on drones and solutions for a save co-usage of shared airspaces.

The need for the use of civil drones in Europe will increase significantly in the coming years. Unmanned aircraft systems ("UAS") - and in the future also eVTOL (electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing aircraft, "air taxis") - open up a multitude of new application perspectives. Their development is closely linked to digitalisation and is no longer a vision. In order to better integrate drone traffic into the existing airspace, the Federal Ministry of Digital and Transport has presented a "U-Space concept". A U-Space serves to safely integrate UAS into existing airspace structures. In this workshop, we want to discuss the current state of automated air traffic in regards of safety and climate friendlyness.

To register, please send an email with the subject "EU-Workshop 6/23" to mfund@bmdv.bund.de.

You will receive a link to a virtual meeting room shortly before the event.

Draft Programme

10.00 Welcome and brief introduction - Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV)
Tim Rittmann, Funding Initiatives and Data Innovations (DP 24)

10.05 Thematic keynote – The different and many challenges of managing urban airspace in an age of drones and eVTOLs
Philip Butterworth-Hayes, Unmanned Airspace / United Kingdom

10.30 Projects pitches, discussions and networking

AMU-LED (H2020) – Paving the way for UAM – lessons learnt from AMU-LED
(Marta Tojal Castro, Aerospace Centre / The Netherlands)

U-SpaceR3 (mFUND) – A U-Space real-world laboratory Rheinisches Revier (Sebastian Seitz, RWTH Aachen / Germany)

LABYRINTH (H2020) – Small scale UTM system for UAVs application to enhance safety, security and efficiency in transport
(Luis Enrique Moreno Lorente, University Carlos III de Madrid / Spain)

FlowPro (mFUND) – Micro-logistics of the future with decentrally organised ground- and air-bound autonomous conveying units (Marvin Bihl, Emqopter GmbH / Germany)

Inclusion of additional projects under discussion.

11.30 Exchanges and discussions
Moderation: Marcia Giacomini and Felix Schneider (TÜV Rheinland)

Contributions from participants and discussion, focussing on possible innovations and how to scale up solutions generated by research and innovation (R&I) projects

11.55 Announcements and farewell
Tim Rittmann, BMDV

12.00 End of workshop 6

About the online mFUND-Workshop series “Driven by Data - The mFUND workshop series about mobility innovation in Europe”

In 2021 the German Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV) started the workshop series "Data Innovations for Smart Mobility in Europe" as part of the mFUND activities to foster knowledge exchanges and networking between stakeholders from the political sphere, business, user groups and research communities in Germany and abroad. In 2023 the series is back under a new name: “Driven by Data”.

Driven by data is motivated by the opportunities data can provide to mobility systems in Europe. Data use can be applied in all parts and stages of the system, ranging from more user-centric, environment-friendly and inclusive mobility planning to more efficient use of resources and increased resilience systems. In this series, speakers from all around Europe will give an overview of their projects activities, ideas and challenges, serving as inspiration for discussions with participants. The intention is to keep it simple and straightforward, further providing a platform to knowledge exchange and the creation of new partnerships between European stakeholders.