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    Digital event (via Zoom)

Changes in climate are happening at a fast pace causing extreme weather events in more places and higher rates than in recent past. This means that we do not only need to accelerate the implementation of climate friendly new technologies and services to slow down and somewhat reverse the situation, but same time find solutions for events that are already happening. Mobility networks world-wide are threatened by the increased incidence and intensity of hazards linked to climate change. The consequences of possible disruptions in mobility networks can have devastating consequences, affecting almost all areas of our modern society and increasing social inequalities. Besides new technologies, smart mobility offers many opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and to deal with current problems caused by the climate crisis.

In this workshop, examples of innovative solutions will be presented by research and innovation projects using data to tackle the challenges of making our mobility infrastructure more resilient and offering tools to respond faster to extreme weather events in order to minimize damage. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from each other, discuss challenges and successful examples in their fields of expertise.

You are very welcome to share your knowledge and ideas during the event.

We look forward to your participation!

To register, please send an email with the subject "EU Knowledge Exchange – workshop 14" to mFUND@bmdv.bund.de.

You will receive a link to a virtual meeting room shortly before the event.

About the online mFUND-Workshop series “Data Innovations for Smart Mobility in Europe”

Data has become an important driver in all areas of our modern society and its importance is increasing every day. Data is the basis for most digital innovations. It offers enormous potential for new business models and products.

In the transport sector, digital technologies and data are used on a large scale to increase efficiency, reliability and safety of services and infrastructure and economy. At the same time, databased solutions contribute to reducing the use of resources and tackle climate change. Citizens can greatly benefit from data-based solutions, which can enable seamless multimodal traffic, increase safety and improve the mobility experience in all types of environments.

With the virtual conference “Open Data for Smart Mobility in Europe”, held under the auspices of the German EU Council Presidency on 17 November 2020, the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport has initiated a European dialogue on examples for data innovations in the mobility field across Europe.
To continue this knowledge exchange and to facilitate new partnerships between European projects and actors, the BMDV mFUND programme has established a new online workshops series on Data Innovations for Smart Mobility. Several events on different transportation topics took place since the summer of 2021 and the series will continue throughout 2022.