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Berlin urban city life with Reichstag at sunset in summer, Germany

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As a climate-friendly form of mobility, cycling makes an important contribution to achieving the Federal Government’s climate change targets. To this end, the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV) provides resources for the promotion and funding of cycling in various programmes. The investment programmes for cycling (cycling pilot projects, German Cycling Network programme and Cities and Rural Areas special programme) will be extended until 2028.

in thousand euros2023 budget
Financial assistance programmes
Financial assistance for the Cities and Rural Areas special programme277,662
Promotion of cycling pilot projects ¹)55,500
Financial aid for the upgrading and extension of the German Cycling Network18,000
Financial aid for non-investment pilot projects13,280
Funding of the retrofitting and upgrading of motor vehicles with turn assist systems9,250
Financial assistance for cycle superhighways ¹) ²)47,044
Federal Government funding options:
Construction of cycle tracks along federal highways ²)120,000
Upgrading of towpaths along federal waterways for cycling use1,087
New funding opportunities:
Bicycle parking facilities at railway stations19,000

In addition to the expenditure of around 561 million euros, there are commitment appropriations of around 1 billion euros, which allow contracts to be concluded and appropriations to be made in the current fiscal year for subsequent years.

²) Construction and maintenance of cycle tracks along federal highways for which the Federal Government is the construction and maintenance agency cannot be subsidized but will be fully financed by the Federal Government