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Value for money assessments of procurement options, which are required in accordance with Section 7 of the Federal Budget Code, contain internal calculations by the public contracting authority. With regard to a potential publication of the project-specific value for money assessments, the public interest in the information and the protection of the fiscal interests of the Federal Government must be weighed against each other. As a result, no specific contents of the value for money assessments are published in view of tendering procedures currently underway or still to be performed. This is because it cannot be ruled out that potential tenderers may use the contents of the assessments and the information and assumptions by the public authority which are contained therein to their advantage, e.g. by tailoring their bids to fit the benchmark set by the authorities. This may lessen competition and thus have a negative impact on both ongoing as well as future tendering procedures.

In order to increase transparency in PPP projects, a model value for money assessment has been prepared, which shows the methodological approach on the basis of a fictitious project example. The model value for money assessment reflects the approach of a provisional value for money assessment. In a final value for money assessment, the PPP bid replaces the PPP remuneration that is derived in the provisional value for money assessment on the basis of efficiency assumptions from the cost data of the conventional procurement option (PSC). Thus, in the final value for money assessment, assumptions by the public authorities regarding efficiency benefits and risk costs of the PPP option are not required anymore.

For a better understanding of the methodological approach, FAQs are currently being prepared.