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1. Definition

In 2003, Deutsche Lufthansa AG (DLH), Frankfurt Airport (Fraport), Munich Airport (FMG) and German Air Navigation Services (DFS) launched the German Air Transport Initiative. Air Berlin (AB) joined the Initiative in April 2011 and the Association of the German Aviation Industry (BDL) in early 2012. Since the beginning, the Federal Minister of Transport at the relevant time has acted as patron and facilitator.

2. Objective

The Initiative's objectives are to strengthen Germany's competitiveness as an international air transport location and to continue participating in air transport's sustainable growth worldwide, thus safeguarding jobs and creating new ones.

3. Parties involved in the project

The initiating parties are represented either by their CEOs or their Managing Directors: Dr Franz for DLH, Dr Schulte for Fraport, Dr Kelkloh for FMG, Prof Scheurle for DFS, Mr Pichler for AB and Mr Siegloch for BDL. Interests of all other German airports and carriers are represented by the German Airports Association (ADV) and the German Airline Association (BDF). The federal states of Bavaria, Berlin, Brandenburg, Hamburg, Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia, as well as the Federal Ministries of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, of Finance, of the Interior and the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy are also involved to ensure efficient cooperation.

4. Detailed information

The Initiative provides a proper platform for a continuous exchange of ideas to a representative cross section of players from government, industry and administrative bodies which are involved in air transport. This platform is called the Initiative Group. This form of interdisciplinary cooperation between air transport stakeholders in one forum provides policymakers and industry with an opportunity to have a structured and steady dialogue. The Initiative Group is the highest "political" level. They discuss recommendations for action and options for necessary adjustments to secure and strengthen Germany's competitiveness in air transport. The members of this group are the initiators and the Federal Ministers and Federal State Ministers of the participating departments.