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As is the case at all ministries, the Executive Team at the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport comprises three units: the Federal Minister, parliamentary state secretaries and permanent state secretaries.

The Ministry is headed by the Minister. He is appointed by the Federal Government. The Federal Minister coordinates and is accountable for the work of the department, which comprises the Ministry and a total of 44 executive agencies. He is responsible for all aspects of German road, rail, waterway and aviation policy and for the roll-out of digital infrastructure.

The Minister is supported in his work by three parliamentary state secretaries and permanent state secretaries. These most senior staff members assist him in his functions as head of the department and a member of the government.

But what exactly is the difference between the tasks of the state secretaries? The permanent state secretaries are civil servants. They coordinate the work of the individual directorates-general at the Ministry. Parliamentary state secretaries are members of the German Bundestag. They are appointed by the Federal Minister and assist him in performing his political functions.