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Important information from INEA on the consequences of COVID-19

If your project has been selected for funding, a Grant Agreement is concluded between you and CINEA. For all German beneficiaries, we have compiled here information and recommendations for the implementation of CEF funding.

Activities and milestones

The Grant Agreement between you and CINEA stipulates activities and milestones that are to be implemented by an agreed date and for which proof is to be furnished. The activities and milestones should be defined in a meaningful manner right from the outset and their schedule should be well thought-out.

Eligible costs

All expenditure that conforms to the rules of your GA (Art. II.19.1) is eligible for funding. It must, inter alia, have actually been made, have been incurred in the project funding period and be indicated in the approved estimated project budget of the action. Please note that special rules (Art. II.19.2) apply to the settlement of personnel costs paid for out of beneficiaries' own resources. CINEA has published a guide on this topic with more detailed information on its website.

Action Status Report

An Action Status Report (ASR) is to be prepared at the end of each reporting period (Art. II 23.1). It is to be submitted to CINEA via the TENtec portal by 31 March of the following year. The ASR comprises a technical report on the progress achieved by the action and the future implementation schedule plus a financial report on expenditure to date and a forecast for the years ahead. The language in which the ASR is to be written is likewise stipulated in your GA (Art. 4.3). Before the ASR is sent to CINEA, it is to be certified by the Member State (in the case the Ministry). You will receive an email from us in a timely manner detailing all the information concerning this certification and the Ministry’s deadlines.

Request for interim payment

If your Grant Agreement (Art. II.23.2.1) makes provision for a request for interim payment, you must submit this request to CINEA at least every two reporting periods (within 8 months following the end of the reporting period). If necessary, you must prepare for the request for interim payment a “certificate on the financial statements” (CFS) as described in Annex VII to the GA. Normally, however, you do not require validation by the Ministry, unless the Federal Republic of Germany itself is the beneficiary.

Amendment to the Agreement

We urge you to contact CINEA as early as possible if changes to the project appear likely. At the same time, you should, if possible, point out any necessary amendments to the Agreement within the scope of the ASR. Any request for amendment shall be submitted to CINEA by email no later than three months before the end of the funding period (Art. II.12). Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any advice.


You are obliged to indicate that the action has received CEF funding in all publications (leaflets, websites, construction site signs, invitations, etc.), including social media activities (Art. II.7). You can find further information and appropriate logos on the INEA website.

Final report

The request for payment of the balance must be submitted to CINEA by email within 12 months following the completion date of the action (Art. II.23.2.2). It comprises the following documents (in accordance with the Annex to the GA in each case):

  • the final technical report drawn up in accordance with Annex V
  • the final financial statement drawn up in accordance with Annex VI
  • CFS drawn up in accordance with Annex VII or an alternative review if the requirements for the CFS are not met
  • Verification of the milestones (Art. I.5)

The final report must be validated and certified by the Ministry. We would ask you to contact us as early as possible, at any rate no later than three months before the end of the 12-month period, for this. Should your project not achieve its material or financial objectives in the funding period, this may have an impact on the final amount of the CEF grant (Art. II.25.4).

You can find more detailed information on the CINEA website and in our “Guidance on the preparation of requests for payment”.

You can also send any enquiries you may have in writing to the following address:
We will then contact you as quickly as possible.

Please note that this information is provided for information purposes only. It does not replace the rules and conditions set out in the relevant legal bases.

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