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The Conference of the Ministers of Transport (VMK) is the highest-level German body made up of the Transport Ministers of the Federal Laender and usually takes place twice a year (spring/fall). In addition, special conferences may be convened.

The Ministry takes part in the Conference for the Federal Government as a guest and without the right to vote.

The objectives of the VMK are:

  • the exchange of information and experience,
  • the discussion of transport policy matters concerning the relationship between the Federal Laender and/or the relationship between the Federal Laender and the Federal Government and
  • the establishment of joint policies, within the sphere of competence of the Federal Laender or vis-à-vis the Federal Government, in the form of decisions (binding on the Federal Laender if unanimous).

The Federal Laender assume the chair of the Conference on a rotational basis for the duration of two years. Currently (2017/18), Senator Frank Horch, Ministry of Economy, Transport and Innovation, Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, is chairing the VMK.

Further information on decisions of the VMK and reports of the Federal Laender and the Ministry can be found on the website of the Bundesrat.