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Datenbasiertes, intelligentes Straßenschild zum Schutz schwacher Verkehrsteilnehmer - SmartWalk

Source: Bercman

Project description

In 2019 alone, there were more than 384,000 personal injury accidents in Germany. Almost 100,000 of the accident victims were children, young people or elderly persons. According to the Federal Statistical Office, the cyclist death toll has risen from 382 to 445 since 2017. The fact that road traffic is growing in volume and becoming increasingly complex is thought to be a possible reason for this. Action must urgently be taken to protect vulnerable road users by using the opportunities of digitalization in a 'smart responsive city' to alert them in good time to potentially dangerous situations.

Outcome and effects

The aim of the SmartWalk project was to develop an intelligent road infrastructure to protect vulnerable road users. To this end, AI technologies were integrated into a smart street sign fitted with a smart, privacy-compliant camera system, in order to provide light and digital warning signals to reduce the risk potential for pedestrians. The technology identifies road users in the immediate surroundings and assesses the risk potential by aggregating and interpreting data. In addition, the generated traffic data were published and first steps for the certification of an intelligent road infrastructure in Germany were prepared.

Project coordinator NATIX GmbH, Hamburg
· Funding code: 19F1087A
Project volume
131,889 euros
(75% of which are funded by the BMDV)
Project duration10/2021– 09/2022
Project partners HITeC e.V., Hamburg
· Funding code: 19F1087B
Bercman Technologies AS, Tartu Estonia
· Funding code: 19F1087C
ContactNATIX GmbH
Lorenz Muck
Phone: +4940524759176