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Data has become an important driver in all areas of our modern society and its importance is increasing every day. Data is the basis for most digital innovations. It offers enormous potential for new business models and products.

In the transport sector, digital technologies and data are used on a large scale to increase the efficiency, reliability and safety of services and infrastructure. At the same time, data-based solutions contribute to reducing the use of resources and to tackling climate change. Citizens can greatly benefit from data-based solutions, which can enable seamless multimodal traffic, increase safety and improve the mobility experience in many different settings.

With the virtual conference “Open Data for Smart Mobility in Europe”, held under the auspices of the German EU Council Presidency on 17 November 2020, the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (formerly the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure) has initiated a European dialogue on examples of data innovations in the mobility field across Europe.

To continue this knowledge exchange and to facilitate new partnerships between European projects and actors, the BMDV mFUND programme has established a new online workshop series on “Data Innovations for Smart Mobility”. Six events on different transportation topics will have been held by the end of January 2022.

Workshop No. 1: (Open)Data for enhanced and inclusive mobility options for European citizens

Workshop No. 2: Data to support monitoring and policy decisions for climate and environmental protection in the transport sector

Workshop No. 3: Managing the European Data Flow: Mobility Data Platforms and Interfaces

Workshop No. 4: Data use for planning and operations in Logistics - improving efficiency and reducing emissions

Workshop No. 5: Safe and sustainable mobility supported by data

Workshop No. 6: Data-based innovations for Building Information Modeling and digital twins in infrastructure planning, construction and maintenance

Workshop No. 7: Recent and possible future data-driven developments in micromobility

Workshop No. 8: Harmonisation and standardisation of data and processes – challenges for the mobility sector

Workshop No. 9: Data innovations for autonomous systems in the mobility sector

Workshop No. 10: Geodata innovations for safe and sustainable mobility infrastructure

Workshop No. 11: Data use for intelligent mobility in cities

Workshop No. 12: Public Transport transformed by data

Workshop No. 13: Drones applications focusing on mobility improvement

Workshop No. 14: Resilience of mobility infrastructure in response of climate crisis and extreme weather