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Glühbirnen auf Kreidetafel (Quelle: Fotolia / turgaygundogdu)

Source: Fotolia / turgaygundogdu

With the mFUND research initiative, we have been funding research and development projects in the area of digital data-based applications for mobility across all modes of transport since 2016. The funded projects are highly innovative and practical. The aim is to make mobility across all modes of transport more efficient, safer and more environmentally friendly and to open up new business areas with open data. The mFUND not only provides financial assistance but, with different event formats, it also fosters networking between stakeholders from the political sphere, as well as from business and research communities. It also promotes access to the mCLOUD data portal.

The mFUND programme supports founders, start-ups, businesses, but also authorities and higher education institutions. Funding recipients develop digital business ideas which use mobility, spatial and weather data. There are two funding lines, which allow long-term support from the initial idea to the development of a prototype. We have fully utilised the 200 million euros made available for the mFUND in the first funding phase. For the second phase starting in 2021, 250 million euros are available in the medium-term financial planning. We will maintain the special focus on start-ups and SMEs: Around one in eight supported companies is a start-up and one in four is an SME.

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To foster continuous communication between stakeholders from politics, administration, research and business about the potential of data-related innovations for mobility, we regularly organise events such as the annual mFUND conference, workshops and special events such as the BMDV Data-Run or the BMDV Start-up Pitch.

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More information on the mFUND-Workshop series “Data Innovations for Smart Mobility in Europe”

Open data plays a key role in the mFUND programme. The goal is for all projects to make their results and data freely available. For this purpose, the BMDV offers its own platform, the mCLOUD or, in the near future, the so called “Mobilithek”. Via the mCLOUD, the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport makes available its own mobility, spatial and weather data as well as that of its executive agencies in standardized formats and free of charge. The mCLOUD serves as an open research platform, providing central, quick and easy access to data of the Ministry and its executive agencies that is relevant to mobility. The platform is open for data from academia and industry and is being constantly expanded.

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The mFUND promotes research and development projects that focus on developing possibilities to use and connect the BMDV’s data, for instance through new navigation services, smart journey planners or highly accurate weather apps. The mFUND projects develop new solutions for transport services, for the management of transport infrastructure and for better multimodal networking. Our funding kicks in the moment digital ideas are born and supports funding recipients in realizing these ideas - from the initial concept to the development of a prototype. Details on mFUND projects can be found in the brief project outlines and are only available in German.