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Source: BMDV

Via the open mCLOUD data platform (in German), the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport makes its own and its executive agencies’ mobility, spatial and weather data available to the public. With mCLOUD, founders, start-ups and mobility providers will enjoy a central focal point for fast, easy and free access to data from various mobility fields. mCLOUD is a growing system. It is open for data from academia and industry and is being constantly expanded by the ministry. For this purpose, the Ministry is accessing further datasets, digitizing existing records and collecting new data.

Each record is described by the following information:

  • designation,
  • short description and source,
  • category,
  • providing authority,
  • data sources in form of direct links to the data,
  • licence or reference to the terms of use
  • data type,
  • timeframe and
  • classification of availability.