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On 5 July 2018, the submission period for the fourth call for applications for funding within funding line 2 of mFUND began.

As with the previous calls for applications for funding, projects are eligible for funding if they identify new application and connectivity possibilities on the basis of existing and future data provided within the context of the Ministry (for instance mobility, spatial, remote sensing, satellite, drone, railway, traffic, shipping, environmental, climate and construction data (BIM) and use these data to develop innovative solutions and products.

For the fourth call for applications for funding, project proposals can be submitted in the following three categories:

  • Category A: Further development of the mFUND [submission deadline: 7 September 2018]
  • Category B: Priority issues of the fourth call for applications for funding [submission deadline: 28 September 2018]
  • Category C: Project outlines regarding other relevant issues within the context of the Funding Guidelines on the Modernity Fund that go substantially beyond previous mFUND research projects [submission deadline: 26 October 2018]

Please note that there are different submission deadlines for the submission of outlines in the aforementioned different categories. The maximum amount of funding per project is 3 million euros in all categories. Project outlines in categories A and B will be prioritised.

As with the previous call for applications for funding, a special focus is on the funding of start-ups. Projects or consortia are therefore to be designed in a way that they involve start-ups, spin-offs or small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition, the active participation of regional and local authorities is welcomed.

Based on the individual project, funding usually requires that, on average, at least 25 % of the overall costs / expenses are covered by the project developer itself.

The recipients of mFUND funding are to make the data that are generated through their project available in accordance with open data principles and to publish them on the mCLOUD of the Ministry.

The projects are to be launched in the second quarter of 2019.

Information on the application process and outlining of projects can be found here.


Those interested in funding can contact Division DG 21 (Open Data, Modernity Fund) of the Ministry for further advice regarding the funding programme and submission of project outlines.

Hotline: +49 30 18 300 6990, Monday to Friday from 10:00-12:00 hrs

mFUND Quick Check

If you want to check within a few minutes if your idea is eligible for the mFUND funding programme, we recommend the "mFUND Quick Check" for an initial assessment (only available in German).

Funding Guidelines

Detailed information regarding the funding programme and expenses that are eligible for funding can be found here: Funding Guidelines "Modernity Fund" (only available in German).