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Gespann mit Lastverteilungserkennung und Cloudanbindung

Source: FH Dortmund

Problem statement

Drivers in the transport sector do not have any precise testing instruments for loading and load distribution at their disposal. This can lead to an overloading of individual axles, which in turn puts an excessive strain on the infrastructure. Current weighing systems that are incorporated in the infrastructure measure the loads at a very late stage, when the vehicle is already on the road, and rarely allow conclusions to be drawn about the cause. In addition, scale calibration errors are only detected during later checks. There is also a lack of public real-time road quality data.

Project objective

The CargoTrailSense_AI project aims to develop a practical system for determining wheel and axle loads for tractor-trailers. The system, which has a telematics connection, is designed to determine the vehicle condition, its load, load distribution and the road condition regardless of location and transmit it to various stakeholders as a data-based application (data governance). It is also planned to match these measurements via cloud with the data captured by the strip sensors embedded in the road in order to ensure data access.


After feasibility was demonstrated in the preliminary study, a prototype system is now to be developed with improved integrated sensors for pressure and suspension travel measurement in the air springs as well as tire pressure and temperature sensors. This system will be tested in a tractor-trailer under various driving, loading and road conditions on the test track and on the road. A measurement technology suitable for mass production is also to be tested in the field with several vehicles as a test fleet. The system is connected to a cloud and will deliver real-time information for haulage contractors, drivers and public institutions.

Project coordinator

Fachhochschule Dortmund

  • Funding code: 19F2213A

Project volume

(at the time of approval)

2,816,029 euros

Project duration

(at the time of approval)

09/2022 – 08/2025
Project partners
  • BPW Bergische Achsen KG, Wiehl
  • ContiTech Luftfedersysteme GmbH (Continental), Hannover
  • F&T LaSiSe gGmbH, Selm
  • OKIT GmbH, Sprockhövel
  • Stadthafen Lünen, Lünen
  • Impaqed, Twello (Niederlande)
  • Log4-Consult GmbH, Lünen
ContactFachhochschule Dortmund
Prof. Yves Rosefort
Phone: +49 231 9112 9384