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    icon-event 19.09.202211:00 Uhr

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    icon-event 29.11.2022

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The exponential use of online services across economies and societies is raising increasing safe-ty concerns. One response to such concerns is eSafety or “Safety Tech”.

eSafety focusses on protecting people online: eSafety technology providers develop solutions to facilitate safer online experiences, and protect users from illegal and harmful content, contact or conduct. eSafety technology is a fast-growing global market. Wherever a G7 member adopts new rules to keep online communities safe, for example from harassment and abuse, eSafety tools are likely to play an important role in fulfilling legal mandates.

Building on the achievements of the UK G7 Presidency in 2021, the G7 Digital Ministers reaf-firmed their commitment to improve online safety and reduce illegal and harmful content and activity on the Internet in their Ministerial Declaration of 11 May 2022. Improving eSafety is a shared responsibility of governments, companies, academia, civil society and other stakeholders. Besides technical solutions, safe and responsible Internet use requires informed decisions by everyone, empowered through improved digital skills and media literacy.

In an interactive online conference with three different panels

on 29 November 2022, 12:00 - 15:30 CET (11:00 – 14:30 UTC)

we want to explore with cross-sector stakeholders, especially from the tech and user side,

  • how eSafety technologies work and are already being used;
  • what action is needed to make the online environment a safer place;
  • how governments, industry and civil society can collaborate to develop solutions to new and emerging eSafety challenges.

The conference will be held in English (without interpretation).
We cordially invite the G7 partners to forward this save the date to their respective stakeholders, encouraging them to actively engage in the conference.
A more detailed agenda will be circulated closer to the event.
For more information about the event please contact Ref-DP21@bmdv.bund.de.