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audit berufundfamilie certificate
audit berufundfamilie certificate

Source: audit berufundfamilie

The Federal Ministry as a family-friendly employer is supported by the berufundfamilie GmbH, an initiative of the charitable Hertie Foundation. Already since 2009, the Ministry has been certified by the organization for a family-friendly personnel policy as well as for its commitment in terms of work-life balance.
In cooperation with the equal opportunities commissioner, the employees and their representatives, specific measures to implement a family-friendly personnel policy are continuously being developed and adapted to the changing social challenges and technical possibilities. As a special service, information on family support offers and how to make use of them is provided on a continuous basis.

Flexitime, various forms of part-time working, telework, parent-child offices and a range of advice from a family service provider are just a few examples of schemes for fathers and mothers at our Ministry. The Ministry also adapts to developments caused by demographic change. For example, there is a special advisory service for employees who provide nursing care to family members.

The Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport values the family-friendly behaviour of its managerial staff very highly. The managerial staff's awareness of family responsibilities of their employees is raised regularly and they are supported in their executive responsibilities, e.g. by means of special advanced training courses.

This sustained family-friendly work environment is part of the organizational culture of the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport and is highly appreciated by its employees. In the end, family-friendly working conditions are to the benefit of employees and employers alike. Only those whose professional and private lives do not conflict have a clear head and are able to deliver their best performance in the manifold work areas of the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport.

Besides exciting and challenging tasks, the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport as a family-friendly employer also provides excellent perspectives for job starters as well as the further professional development.