Welcome to the website of the Federal Ministry for
Digital and Transport.

This is what the Federal Ministry does:
We deal with many different political issues,
for instance with transport.

Many people in Germany go to work by car.
Or they take a plane to go on holiday.
We propose new laws to the German Bundestag
to ensure that these people are safe.

We make rules
to ensure that there are fewer accidents on our roads.
One of the things we want is
to make sure that people do not drive too fast.

We are responsible for the motorways
and roads in Germany.
We help to build
new roads.

Busses and trains also have to be safe.
And everybody can take a bus or a train.
This includes people with disabilities.
To ensure that, we make rules and develop laws.
The fact that everybody is able to use something
is called accessibility.

We also make rules for air transport
so that planes can fly safely in Germany.

And we deal with waterways.
This means rivers and seas, on which ships sail.
We make rules
to ensure that shipping remains safe.

Environmental aspects are also very important.
Cars must not pollute the environment too much.

At the Federal Ministry, we also deal
with digital technologies.
Digital technologies are important for our lives and our jobs.
Because the number of digital technologies is increasing.
And there are always new digital technologies.
This is called innovation.
The Internet is only one example of a digital technology and innovation.
One of the Federal Government’s objectives is
to make sure that Germany remains one of the leading nations in the field of digital technology.

The Federal Government wants
Germany to have the best data networks.
To ensure that all people and companies can use data networks in a better way.
This is important for the economy.
And for people.

Digital infrastructure is a difficult term
for data networks and digital technology.
One of the Federal Government’s objectives is
to provide high-speed Internet everywhere in Germany.
This is called broadband coverage in cities and in the countryside.
The Federal Government is planning
to guarantee Internet with a speed of 50 Mbit per second by 2018.
Or even faster.
High-speed Internet will be provided via cable or mobile communications.

The Federal Minister has established the Network Alliance for high-speed Internet.
The Network Alliance is a cooperation between the public and the private sectors.
They talk about what is needed for high-speed Internet.

The broadband office at the Federal Ministry also deals with high-speed Internet. It cooperates with the federal states and local authorities.

Spectrum is a difficult term for radio waves.
Television channels, for instance, broadcast via spectrum.
Or mobile phones when you make a call.
The Federal Ministry makes rules for spectrum.
The reason is that there is not enough spectrum.

One of the Federal Ministry’s objectives is to provide spectrum for digital technologies.

On this website, we inform you about all
these subjects the Federal Ministry deals with.

This is how to find the information:

The homepage will always show you the latest news.
The image in the top left-hand corner is the Federal Ministry’s logo.
If you click on it
you will be directed to the homepage.

You can also search for a word.
There is a search box in the centre.

search box in the centre

Here, you can type in a word.
Then please click on the magnifying glass next to the box.
You will see a list of information on the word you are searching for.

The tab “Topics” of the Federal Ministry
can be found in the white line at the top.


If you are not sure which subject
you are reading about,
it is written in the white line at the top, below the logo.

Simple English

You can find the “Ministry” tab
in the white line at the top.


There, you can find more information on the Federal Ministry.
You can also find pictures of the Federal Ministry.
And there is information on the Federal Minister.

Then, there is the “Services” tab.


There, you can

  • order brochures and books from the Federal Ministry,
  • watch videos
  • view pictures

The press tab is for journalists.


Journalists prepare articles for the television channels,
newspapers, the radio and for websites.
This is why, under “press”

  • you can find press releases of the Federal Ministry,
  • press pictures,
  • interviews with the Federal Minister

We hope
we have explained the Federal Ministry and its website well.

If you have any questions,
go to “Contact”
in the line at the top of the page.