The Newsroom

We are rethinking and reshaping communication.

The media landscape has changed – and for this reason, the communication of authorities has to change, too.

Today, digital dialogue via social media is just as indispensable an element of public and political communication as traditional press activities via newspapers, TV and radio.

Our objective is to meet the requirements of modern communication and have a broad public dialogue – in an open, modern and comprehensible way. This is why we launched the newsroom. We have reorganised, restructured and realigned the Ministry’s communication.

Our newsroom is not just an open-plan office. We work as a team. We not only share office space, but also thoughts and ideas. We are rethinking and reshaping communication.

We provide comprehensive and transparent information about the Ministry’s policy areas via all channels. We communicate through texts, images, videos, on the website, on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – directly, digitally and interactively.

Your Newsroom Team